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Up To 6x FASTER Growth! Super Conditioning and Moisturizing Oils for the best beard possible.



We use premium all natural essential oils, carrier oils and growth stimulating ingredients.



Money Back Guaranteed - No Timeframe and No Reason Necessary.  We are that Confident.


I started with this when I first started growing my beard, then I decided to go with a fancy beard club company but for 3 months their product just dried out my beard really bad and I didn't see any growth on my bald spots. So I've gone back to Beard Farmer. They have a great product that doesn't dry my beard and actually starts growth on my bald spots. 


November 10, 2017

I never knew beard oil was important to growing a beard until a buddy told me that he uses it. I researched different products and settled on this growth oil. Not only does it accelerate the growth process, it keeps it healthy and soft through the process. I saw in one month what I grew out in two months a few years back and it looked much better and professional. I would recommend it to anyone. It's really simple to use and it has a great scent to it. I'll probably shave my beard come summer and use this oil again in the fall.

Lucas Abraham

January 2018

One thing I love about this product besides the extra beard growth is the fact that I don't need to use a moisturizer anymore. My skin normally gets really dry in the winter and it's not anymore. Oh, and the extra beard growth

Matt Lee

January 2018

I've decided to take the plunge into bearding. It's too attractive not having to shave everyday. I've done a lot of research on beard oil for faster growth and concluded that this is the best shot. After just starting to use it, I saw hair starting to grow out in spots that I've had trouble with before. I'd highly recommend this product for anyone thinking of growing their beard.

Jacob Fullman

October 2017

Was skeptical at first, but indeed it helped thicken my beard. Also helped to darken some hard to grow areas with some newer stubble. The smell reminds me of a tonic, earthy with some hints of mint and spices. It wasn't bad at all and I had no problem putting it on in the morning for the day. Would recommend to someone in search of some help filling in patches on your beard or stache

A. Moreno

September 2017

Beard Growther seemed to work great! After several weeks of use I definitely felt my beard was growing in much faster/fuller so I can't speak for everyone but can definitely say I'm really happy with the result. Some people don't dig the smell, but I thought it was nice and earthy and let me know the stuff is strong (it's only for a little while anyway). All in all a really cool product 

Tim Field

August 2017


Growther oil was invented in Ypsilanti, Michigan with the sole purpose of enhancing beards. Our company has been researching and trying hundreds of safe all natural ingredients to help stimulate beard growth. We came up with a few combinations throughout our research and sent them out to be reviewed by non compensated users. The results were as expected. 95% of users saw gains within 3-5 weeks of use. These results have remained steady through out the years and have helped many bearded folks get that boost they need to have the perfect looking beard. 

We have grown our product line from the Original Growther Oil to be a one stop shop for beard growers.  Our products are natural and high quality. We sourced the TOP local cold pressed oils all over the USA. Your beard will be the softest and thickest you have ever had.

We have tens of thousands of users across the world that have had great success with our Growther Oil.  We have one passion and that is helping men grow the best beard they can, let us help you.



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