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The cool part of having a private affiliate page is that you will be able to see everything that is involved with your account, including summary, sales, payment history (the best part), any creative work that you may do to tell your friends about Beardfarmer, and your user profile. Customizing your profile is key; the more unique it is, the better. You will be able to customize the following links within your profile:

  • Your affiliate link and affiliate ID (which is a simplified link for you to share via social media)
  • Your affiliate link that you can share, containing your e-mail. Remember, if you don’t want your contact information being out there in the abyss, don’t put it out there. This is just one of the many options.
  • Your affiliate reference key, which is a secure ID but may be more complex than your user ID. Think about logging into your e-mail versus logging into your bank account. One needs more information than the other to remain secure.
  • If you want to publish a banner, with your affiliate id and other information, codes will be available within your affiliate page. All you have to do is copy and paste the code or the share the image and your affiliate link can be easily posted on your blog or other forms of social media. You aren’t writing any code for this- it’s just as simple as copy and paste.
  • Users can make up to 9% cuts on each closed deal.