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long and thick beard

5 Stages of growing A beard Long And Thick Beard

 Nothing spells manliness or masculinity than a wealth of facial hair. In the past, virility and wisdom is connected to facial hairs. Growing beards enhances a male's body  the reasons are quite more than these. But, since the subject isn't about reasons for facial hair growth, but stages of growing a beard, focus will be redirected to the subject. Men wish to grow beard; some attempts but fail, why? Maybe they are incapable of growing hair. Despite much effort to converts boy face to a more manly face, hair wouldn't grow, and if it does make an appearance, what you get at best is a strip of mustache. In this article, you will learn stages of beard growth and how to make it grow long and thick.

Growing beard long and thick
Growing your beard long and thick involves much more than throwing away your shavers. Actually, it requires time commitments, sacrifice, discomforts, and an herculean capability to restrain from scratching your beard. If you are embarrassed about your baby face, and need to grow hair, follow these steps.

Have a picture of the type of beard you want
A good way to start is to develop a pictorial imagination about how you want your beard to look like. To help you, look for a model: maybe a T.V. star, or anyone you would love to beard-copy his style. During your beard growing days, there are time you might just want to throw in the towel and just give up. Thinking of your model and how you admire his beard will become your restraining power. You will be inspired and motivated to continue with the routine. So, to ensure you receive much needed boost at the right time, place the picture of the model where you will see it. To receive extra spurt of energy in your low days, while looking at the photo, declare this as a mantra, if he can do it, so can I.

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