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Growing a beard

Growing and keeping a beard seems so simple for most people. After all, what's there to make it complicated – all you have to do is to stop shaving your facial hair and it will grow into something like Jeff Bridge's, Russel Brand's or Joe Manganiello's beard right? Hell no! Growing a beard requires patience, commitment and proper grooming. A man must be patient enough to wait for his facial hair to grow out (which could vary from person to person), have the commitment to keep it grown until desired length is achieved, and grooming of course, because everybody wants sexy, Impressive Beards and nobody wants to look like an island cast away.


Beard competition

There is actually an annual competition for facial hair, called World Beard and Mustache Championships. The international contest has several categories. The first one is the mustache category. There are subcategories under this: Natural, English, Dali, Imperial, Hungarian and Freestyle. The second category is partial beards. This is for Impressive Beards that grow short just below the chin. Under this category are subcategories Natural, Fu Manchu, Imperial, Musketeer, Sideburns, and Amish Beard. The last category is Full Beards which features Impressive Beards that extend long below under the chin. Under this are subcategories Full Beard Natural, Full Beard Styled Mustache, Verdi, Girabaldi, and Freestyle Full Beard.


How to grow your beard

As mentioned above, growing your beard is not as easy as 1, 2, 3. The initial stages of letting your facial hair grow it can actually be torture to some because the short hairs can poke at your skin. However, this discomfort can be reduced with the help of products like Growther Beard Oil and Growther Beard Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner. After the itchy stage of growing out your beard, you'll have to deal with the phase when your facial hair will look untidy. Trimming it along the upper cheeks, neckline and upper lips can help tidy it up a bit.


Styling you beard

There are different beard styles that you can choose from. Pick a style that can complement your personality. It should also be a good style for the shape of your face and for your hair type. Some of the popular types are:

  • Full Beard
  • Goatee
  • Extended Goatee
  • Ducktail
  • Van Dyke
  • Anchor


It would be good to grow out your beard a little first, before trimming it for style. A lot of men get impatient and trim their facial hair right away, but premature trimming could lead to imperfect beard shape.


Beard do's and don'ts

Growing and keeping a beard is definitely hard work. Here are some beard do's and don'ts for men who are committed to having a beard:

  • Trim your beard to maintain its shape and appearance.
  • Don't color your beard lighter than your own hair color. It just doesn't look right.

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