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beard care

Beard Care 101

Maintaining a beard that is ready for the silver screen requires a bit of knowledge about beard care. The hair on your face is different in texture than the hair on your head, so it follows that there are a few modifications you need to make in your hair care regime to make it work for your beard care. Keeping your beard condition is an essential part of beard care and should especially be done if you have grey hair in your beard. Grey hair tends to be more coarse than other hair. On top of that, beard maintenance is important. There are six things you can do to ensure your beard care regime is up to speed.

The first thing is not too skip a trim with a professional barber. A professional can give your beard the care it needs with a shape that is easier to maintain than one you give yourself. Use a shave oil instead of the standard shaving cream. It will be easier to see where you're stubble ends and the beard begins. Invest in a quality pair of clippers for the in between trims that will keep your beard looking good. You want a trimmer that includes an adjustable guide so you can customize it to fit your face. Scissors should be avoided as it is really hard to get an even trim with these. When you're combing your hair, don't neglect your beard. Use a fine tooth comb to keep hair smooth. Another essential element to beard care is to use a mirror. A good wall-mounted mirror will let you have a good look at what you're doing, whether it's coloring, combing or trimming. And speaking of color, is the grey in your beard has you bummed, there are many coloring products on the market specifically for your beard. Follow the instructions carefully. Beard coloring is not hard, but it is important to do it the way the dye is made to be applied. Don't color your beard right after you get out of the shower. The natural skin oils on your face will repel the color from staining your skin, but these are stripped away during a shower.

Beard care is not rocket science. It's easy to maintain a healthy beard that will look great for as long as you want it to stick around. By following these bits of advice, your beard will be ready for your close up in no time.


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