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beard growing

Beard growing tips

The beard is not only a symbol of wisdom and power. It is also a token of strength, style and patience. Growing a beard seems to be really easy when you read about it, but in reality it is a really challenging process, for all men.
Going from a clean shave to a full beard takes a lot of effort, but every man who has already grown a beard, can tell you that the end result is more than just a beard.

So here are some beard growing tips:
-First and most important, keep your face clean and moisturized. It is indicated that you use an exfoliating mask once a week, in order to get rid of dead skin cells and clean your pores.
-Eat right, sleep right. Make sure you enrich your diet with high protein and saturated fat, as well as A, C, E and the B complex. Get enough rest and avoid stressful situations.
-Be patient with the itchiness. It is temporary, and doesn't last for more than a week.
-Start with a fresh shave, and wait for about 2 weeks (depending on your hair-growth rate), in order to see where and how your hair will grow. If you still have patches, try to shave more often, and then wait again. Shaving should help your hair grow thicker and fuller.
- After getting a first glance at where and how your beard will grow on your face, it's time to put down the razor.
-From now on you will need to take care of your skin in order to keep your hair follicles healthy.
-The hair grows, and you will need to trim it once 5-10 days. Trimming it will help you give it a neat look while it grows.
- Find a beard style which suits you. Remember that not every beard style matches every face shape, so you will need to experiment and find the beard style which is suitable for you.
- You need to care for your beard, and in order to do so, you will need to clean it properly. To clean your beard, you will want to use the same product you use to clean your face.
-You need to comb your beard. You can comb your beard using the same comb you use for your hair, and make sure you comb it downwards. As it lays flat against your face, you will notice whether or not it needs a trim.
-Remember that a healthy beard needs a healthy skin to grow from, therefore use a moisturizer daily.
Beard growing tips work for some men, and for some they don't. That is because before they decide growing a beard they need to take into consideration whether or not they are ready, and whether or not their bodies allow it.
If, after going through some of the beard growing tips out there, you are still unsure, or have any concerns, you can visit your doctor for further advice.

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