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beard growthing

Beard Growth

Growing a beard can make a lot of difference in the appearance of a person. There are many styles which are popular amongst people. To keep a beard or not is entirely the decision of an individual. Some people like to keep a clean shave which adds to their sophistication in their own way while there are others who prefer to keep beard which gives them a tough look.

Many influential people in the past use to keep beard and there was a time when keeping a beard use to signify power.People who can't grow a beard should follow these steps.

Have patience
If you can't grow a beard the very first thing which you should have is patience. Normally it takes about 7 or 10 days when you can actually see a fair growth on your beard. A beard is measured in months and not measured in length. You may experience itching while growing a beard but you should have patience. You should realize the fact that the irritation caused by this hair growth would subside in few days.
You should try to keep the brush and razor at bay.Whenever you feel from inside to shave off the beard try to distract yourself by taking interest in some good hair products or offers.

-Try to apply an oil or moisturizer
You can apply sufficient amount of oil and moisturizer which would help in keeping the skin soft underneath. You should avoid using the moisturizer which has alcohol as it dries the skin which leads to irritation and dryness.
This would even make the hair softer and give a more sophisticated and prominent look.

-Keep your skin clean
If you can't grow a beard you should make it a point to keep your skin clean and healthy. You should try to wash your skin with warm water and a cleanser on a regular basis. The clean skin would encourage and help the small hair to grow.
A clean skin would always help the hair to grow faster in the right direction.

-Checking for in-grown hair
You should check your skin for in-grown hair. The beard would not grow in an even manner if the face has in-grown hair.

-Take plenty of rest
Sleep would help the damage cells to repair. Try to take proper rest as this would benefit in a great way. Moreover sleep combines with proper diet to give great results for the growth of beard.

-Try to manage stress
You should avoid stress or try to take less stress as it is one of the main factors which contribute to the loss of hair. Along with this if you take the required amount of eight glasses of water on a daily basis it would help you a great deal.
Thus we see if you can't grow a beard you can simply follow the above mentioned steps but in a religious manner.This would eventually help in providing a healthy and good beard.

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