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Beard hair thinning

The thinning of hair on the beard can be due to many reasons. One can even loose the beard completely if affected by a various number of conditions. A number of such conditions cause only temporary loss of hair while there are others which may lead to permanent loss of hair.
The beard hair thinning or the thinning of beard hair can be due to many reasons.
The natural cycle of hair
All hair in our body with no exception to beard hair goes through a natural growth cycle. When a particular strand of hair enter its rest phase it drops down of fall out resulting in the growth of new hair. Due to the result of your hair cycle it is very common to lose around 75 to 100 hairs on a daily basis from your beard, scalp and other parts of the body.
llness or ailment
There is a condition known as Telogen Effluvium in which your hairs moves to their telogen phase much early than expected. This eventually affects you hair in a big way. The hair sheds at a faster rate affecting the thickness of your beard along with the hair on the face. You might notice a thinning on your entire beard and scalp in a slow manner because of this condition. This may be a result of many things like high fever.infections, influenza or could be some sort of major surgeries.
There are certain other medical problems or chronic illness like thyroid disease or low protein which may cause the thinning of your beard.
Damaged skin
A physical damage to the facial skin can result in the permanent loss of hair follicles and even if your skin is scarred the hair would not grow due the damaged tissue. Although chemical treatments are a common cause of loss of hair on the scalp but they are not common as far as the beard loss is concerned, but too much use of colour on the beard can result in damaged hair.
If you are undergoing a treatment of chemotherapy you will notice loss of hair on your face including your eyebrows and beard. According to reliable sources the hair loss due to this treatment is temporary and you can expect to have normal growth of your beard between four to six months.
Radiotherapy can also affect the hair growth of your beard. In this process the hair loss area is the one which is treated directly. If you are undergoing this treatment you are most probably to get a bald patch on your face. This patch may be temporary or permanent depending on the quantity and length of the radiotherapy.
Thus we see that there are various reasons for the beard hair thinning or the thinning of the beard hair. The thinning of the beard hair can be temporary or permanent depending on various factors but this is curable and one can expect to have proper hair on the beard by taking appropriate measures.

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