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beard growing

Best way to grow a beard

Growing a beard is simply letting the facial hair grow without shaving but there are techniques if followed then the beard will grow faster and be the best that there is. So what is the best way to grow a beard?

Be patient
Patience always pays and this applies in the beard situation. Growing a beard is not just a calling; it also requires commitment, time and patience. First you have to accept the fact that your life is to undergo certain changes especially the face and therefore the daily routines might change drastically so as to have the most desired facial hair.

What's the way forward?

Before having a beard, you should:
-Allow the hair to grow- though it might take several days, weeks and even months you should never give up because in the long run it will actually grow.

-Always keep the hair trimmed- this is an important aspect of ensuring that you get the right shape of the beard. The purpose of trimming is to also get rid of the unwanted hair that might disrupt the growth of the other facial hair

-Maintaining a good nutrition- this is what lots of people tend to forget. Good nutrition triggers the release of the tendons that help the facial hair grow and promotes the development of beard. The best meals should be reach in vitamins D and also vegetables and fruits should always be included in the diet.

-Increase the intake of Biotin. People tend to ignore this fact forgetting that it promotes the growth of good beard. They should be consumed in considerable proportions to avoid over or under dosage. They are easy to acquire since they are readily found in some foods like egg yolks, cereals, yeast and other foods.
Daily routines
There are also daily routines that should be strictly followed since they result into the development of the best beards.

-Keep clean
The word may seem easy to understand but it requires extra effort. One is required to wash the face at least twice daily. Its purpose is to get rid of the dead cells that might hinder the development of the facial hair

-Always use a moisturizer to prevent the drying up of the skin

-Exercise daily- this ensures that the body is always relaxed therefore chances of facial hair growing and in the best manner increases

-Avoid stress and if paramount manage it positively- it drastically hinders the growth of the facial hair since you will require extra effort to tame the hair

Apart from the common remedies and techniques what is the other best way to grow a beard?
Medical techniques

These advanced techniques are suppler yield results within a short time but they are very expensive.
-Surgery- this is one option whereby you have to visit a plastic surgeon who transplants hair follicles from the back of the scalp to the face.
-Testosterone also aid in the formation of the best beard.

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