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Beard Shavings in Sink

Easy Cleanup for Beard Shavings in Sink

When I go into the bathroom and the first thing I see is a furry animal coming to life in and around the sink, it's enough to make me want to strangle my husband. That beard hair after shaving gets everywhere- and whatever you clean it up with, the hair gets in that, too. Short of wadding up a bunch of wet toilet paper, what the hell do you do to get rid of all that hair?

A quick solution I found that is so easy and wonderful is to use a wet wipe. These wipes are sturdy enough and moist enough to swiftly and effectively scoop up all those stray hairs from around the sink and on the floor without having to use a towel or rag (that you have to wash later). After one or two of these wipes, the hair is gone and all you have to do is throw the wipes away. No rags or towels to wash or shake hair out of, and no hair falling out of the wipe like it does with a paper towel or toilet paper (which also tear- gross!).

Better than having an easy way to clean up hair out of the sink is to prevent the mess to begin with! To do this, simply keep a roll of paper towels in the bathroom that your honey (with gentle reminding) can use to line the sink counter and sink itself to prevent hair getting all over the place. When he's done shaving, simply gather up the paper towels, toss em (don't flush unless there is only one or two of them) and done! No muss, no fuss, and no angry wife cleaning up after her man!

note: paper towels and wet wipes are great for cleaning up that ring of hair around the tub after shaving for us ladies, too- or a cup of water poured on the nasty ring of hair draws it down into the tub basin, where it can be wiped away clean to avoid clogging the drain. Yes, we're nasty hair fiends, too.


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