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Everything About Our Beard Balm You Want To Know

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Beard balm is a fantastic way to get your beard in tip top shape. It protects your beard from the elements and helps with those scraggly hairs that are just too hard to maintain. Not all balms are created equal as the ingredients and quality of contained can have a major impact at how well your balm maintains it integrity which can directly effect how your beard responds to it.

 BeardFarmer's Beard Balm for the greatest hair protection.

Much like beard oils the ingredients are very important in terms of the smell your beard gives off when combined and the protection level. Let us give you an example. Cold pressed extraction is by far the best way to press out oils from your particular fruit, plant or flower. There are many other ways some vendor use to cut corners and save a few dollars. In the end it can really hurt your beard if your not using cold pressed oils. Some vendors use chemically extracted oils that use a toxic chemical hexane. Hexane is a lethal chemical that somehow sneaks by the approval process in terms of safety and regulations.


Get the facts cold pressed oils for balms vs chemically extracted balm oils.

Cold pressed oils have a longevity 3-5x longer then those that are chemically extracted.

Chemically extract oils will leave a residue on your beard that will accumulate and can strip hairs making your beard appear thinner. This will leave your hairs in permanent broken state. As seen below is a picture of hair follicles using a balm that was cheaply crafted using chemical extraction.

Hair Follicles Broken Facial Hair from chemically extracted Beard Balms



Cold pressed balm's such as ours protect your beard follicles and as you can see the improvement of your hair and how it protects maintaining your perfect mane. See the picture below of the difference in broken hair and hair treated with all natural beard balm.

Balm Protected Facial Hair Hair being protected with Beardfarmer's All Natural Balm.

Why choose Beardfarmer Balm over the competition?

1.All of our oils are cold pressed. Naturally and safely with ZERO chemical or third party extractions.

2. All of our oils and ingredients are 100% natural

3. We make every balm by hand my a  certified lab tech going through a 13 point protocol to make sure the exact measurements and ingredients are handled with care.

4. Our beard balm will protect your beard from the elements. It will soften and smooth out your facial hair.


  • Supports Beard Growth (Aloe, Flowers of Sul, Ylang Ylang, Lavender)
  • Supports Beard Conditioning (Shea Butter, jojoba oil)
  • Supports Beard Moisturizing (Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil)

5. We are a United Sates Company and pride ourselves on USA made products. Our materials are 100% sourced from hard working American men and women.

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All of our facial hair products are guaranteed! We back out product 100%. If you for any reason are not happy with our products send them back to us and we will guarantee a product refund.

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