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beard growing

Grow a beard faster

In this generation there are certain distinct features that describe the being of any living person. As for the men, they are identified by the length of their beards. Moreover there are other reasons why men prefer to grow them.

Why grow beards?
Apart from being trendy there are reasons why men prefer to have them:
- To look more manly
-To appear masculine
- To increase their potential when rated among other men
One thing they should understand is that the rate of growth of the beard depends mostly on the genetics. However due to the advancements in technology, there are techniques that can be adopted in order to grow a beard faster.
How to grow the beard faster
Some men require extra effort in order to have an elongated beard. To achieve this they are required to follow certain strict requirements:
-Take good care of the face
-Taking care of the face is easier but taking good care of the face is something that requires one to devote their time.

How exactly are you supposed to care for the face?
- Ensure that the skin is exfoliated at least once a week. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that the dead skin is constantly done away with. Removal of these dead cells usually stimulates and accelerates the rate of growth of new hair in this case the beard will grow faster.
-Wash the face especially the area where the beard intends to grow with warm water and a cleanser daily most preferably in the morning and during the night. The purpose is to allow the beard hair to grow faster and at ease.
-Ensure that you eliminate any ingrown hairs. This is because they hinder the rate at which the beard is meant to grow.
- Manage the stress positively. This is because the beard will grow faster when you are relaxed and making positive efforts like excercising. This usually promotes faster growth of the beard hair.

Technological advancements
There are techniques that do not depend on the genetics of the individual. The advantage is that they can be adopted by anyone who is interested to grow a beard faster.
Intake of supplements

There are supplements that stimulate the hormones that result into faster growth of the beard:
- Biotin- the supplement is perfect since it is known promote faster growth of the beard. In addition, the supplement has no diverse side effects and is safe for all men who intend to grow their beards.
- Vitamin B6 and B12 are also known to be safer and instantaneous when it comes to growing the beard faster. They can either be consumed in the foods or taken in conjunction with other beauty products.

Leaving healthy
This is quite easy since the beard requires vitamins, it is proper to take foods that are rich in vitamins present in the meat, fish and nuts. They accelerate the rate of growth of the facial hair. They are therefore considered as the best predominant.
The other option is by eating fruits and green vegetables. With their nutrients then hair can grow faster.

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