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Growing a beard and social perception

It would have been extremely helpful if there was a simple answer for each and every aesthetics related question out there.
Media shows us how men are supposed to look like, but the hard reality is that it just doesn't work that way. Or at least it shouldn't. The only black and white hard truth is that each and every man should find what suits him.
Facial hair is found to be related to psychological maturity in men, and of course, age and manhood.
Some researchers have found that when having a beard, people's first impression of you tends to be that of dominance and aggression, even if your personality has none of these features.Other studies suggest beards are closely related to stability and strength. But who knows in what conditions and on how many people that particular study was made, right? In the end, only you know the level to which your society accepts the concept of beard or not.
But many men, before growing a beard, are worried about the following points:
-Can I get a job and keep it if I have a beard?
-Am I going to get fired because somehow my beard is against company regulations?
-do I do when I come across someone with strong opinions against my facial hair?
Here is something you have to remember when it comes to the points above: When it comes to having a job or going to a job interview, you need to look impeccable, with or without a beard! If you already have, or growing a beard, you need to have it look even and clean. You can use a trimmer or a small scissor to cut longer hairs, a small comb and maybe some beard styling products to freshen it up, but make sure it look neat and clean.

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