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Growing Beard

Beard growth
To grow a beard just put away your razor and trimmer and wait for few days. The growth of beard depends on many factors. Your genetics is the most important factor affecting your hair growth which decides the density of hair.
Growing a beard requires following certain steps:
-Growing a beard and styling it
It is your own decision to grow a beard or not. You idea of keeping a beard depends on your life style and to a great extent on your profession. You should trim and maintain your beard from time to time in order to look clean and graceful. When growing a beard try putting away the razor and brush and build the required patience.
The length of beard is determined by the time period and not the length. You can see a month old beard, three month beard, a year longer beard or even the terminal beard – maximum length which you can grow genetically.
The different length of beard challenges you in many ways. If you notice the period of being without a beard to about two-three weeks you will see that your beard gives you itching, may seem patchy and even shaggy. The itchiness is due to the different length of the hair which pokes the skin.
-Keep the facial skin moist
Try to maintain the skin of the face and keep it healthy and moist by applying a suitable moisturizer or beard oil. You should avoid moisturizers which contain alcohol as they would dry out the skin resulting in irritation.
Once you are able to overcome the itchy phase you will see a stage where your beard might look untidy. To make it look neat and tidy you can trim the neck line, mustache lip and upper cheeks. If you are going for the yeard, which is a one year long beard - just leave your beard untouched.
-Proper trimming
Growing a beard is fun. The majority of new beardsmen trim the neckline too high. The right location for this line is where the neck meets the head. On the other hand while trimming the moustaches you should use the scissors instead of the clippers. This would result in better control and less cutting of hair.
- Maintenance
You should rinse your beard everyday in the shower and apply good quality beard oil. Ideally you can wash your beard around 3-4 times a week.

After about two months of growth you will see noticeable changes. You will see that your neat and clean beard has and become wavy and curly giving a wild look. You should be happy about it as this is your natural beard.

-Take proper diet and rest
You should take a diet which is rich in protein and sleep well. The protein in the diet contains the essential nutrients necessary for hair growth. You show control the stress and should take proper sleep. Avoid taking any stress as it is the main factor responsible for hair loss.
Growing a beard can be a simple task by following these steps.

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