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beard vitamins

Growther Beard Enhancing Vitamins

Beard Vitamins

Do Beard Vitamins Work?

YES! but would you just take any vitamin and shove it in your mouth promising a better without a tiny bit of thought as to where it's made?, how it's made?, the people making it and the ingredients? We can only speak on our beard enhancing vitamins. Other companies can do there own thing as we caught many of them buying vitamins from china and then labeling them as USA made. This is a common practice for companies out for that bottom dollar and have little to no regulation or concern for the users.

A Multi-Vitamin that can help your beard grow

How are Beard Farmer's Growther Vitamins made?

Our vitamins are put through the strictest of standards. They are made in an FDA approved manufacturing facility in the United States of America. Each pill is made from high quality safe ingredients. They are heat sealed and labeled by a certified lab tech at our Beard Farmer Facility also in America.


Are our Facial Hair Vitamins safe?

Yes! They are very safe for human consumption when directions on label are followed. These act not only for facial hair but also have the added benefit of a multivitamin. We provide a full label of all ingredients for you to review with your nutritional specialist.


How long will it take to see beard hair gains

Most users have reported a better looking beard within one bottle. This is great as you will know if this product is right for you with just 30 days of use. You may see better results after 45 days of use depending on how you dose.


Which ingredients help with hair?

As stated above this is a multivitamin with the added benefit if some extremely important ingredients for your hair. See below some of the ingredients and there purpose for use.

Beard Proprietary Blend: Choline Bitartrate, Betaine Hydrochloride, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Inositol, PABA, RNA, Rutin.

How does this product stack up verse the competitors?

No other nutritional cosmetic company can come close to us or our research and product development team. We are 100% made, manufactured and bottled in America with the best safety protocols in place. Our price is 1/3 of the competitors because we are more for the bearded community then we are about profits. We use the highest quality ingredients sourced DIRECTLY from SAFE sources here in America. We simply are the best in beard products and we guarantee it! If you purchase our product directly from us and are not completely satisfied you can send us the bottle back no questions asked and receive a product refund.


What studies have been done to test these ingredients in regards to hair growth?

NBCI and Webmd have compiled some of the greatest resource for investigating studies on ingredients and testing. There are hundreds of articles but you can start your directly at:

Some direct resources can be found here:


We also have a wide variety of online reviews, testimonials and video reports you can access. Simply search reviews in your favorite search engine and you can see how our products have helped bearded men all over the world. You can Growther Vitamins in our store located here.

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