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It is always challenging and (may be) frustrating to see how your friends are been complimented on their looks especially when they have nice beards. Beard makes you look good if you do take care of it always and maintain its stylish looks. Many women like men that have awesome beard; and because of this, most guys try all possible means to see that they develop beards. However, it is important to know that beard can be associated with genetics history and not every man will grow it. In this article, you will be acquainting yourself with how beard are grown, and you may also be familiar with one or more things you need to know about growth of beard.

Understanding beard
A beard is said to be a collection of hair that mostly grows on the chin, neck, upper lip, or cheek in human beings. It is important to know that females with hirsutism condition also develop beard, but on rare situations. Also, only males who have reached adolescent stage and adult are able to develop beard. In some societies or cultures, beard are been considered mandate to grow one, because they believed that it is sacred to keep beard.
Biological history of beards

By biology, beard develops during puberty stage and the growth of beard is linked to stimulation of hair follicles in the body by the action called adihydrostestosterone

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