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gray hairs in beard

How to Effectively Combat Gray Hairs in Your Beard

Let's face it: Looking old sucks!

I'm 44 years old. A far cry from being a geezer. Yet, the gray in my beard begs to differ. It makes me look old - I won't delude myself and call it 'distinguished.'

One morning a few years ago, I dragged myself bleary-eyed into the bathroom, turned on the light, looked at my tired features in the mirror and saw - oh, horror - gray hairs in my beard. Where did they come from? They weren't here yesterday! What does this mean?

The initial shock wore off - eventually. I tried to ignore the obvious. After all, it was probably just a trick of the light.

Using a mirror exclusively in low light situations only helped for a little while. I had no choice but to acknowledge what was already obvious to everyone around me: The gray hairs in my beard were here to stay. In fact, they were procreating. Quickly.

My coping mechanisms ranged from: 'Just ignore it!' (How can you when it stares you in the face each time you look into the mirror?) 'Snip it!' (Don't. Your beard will look crappy.) 'Shave it!' (What if your face isn't suited for that?)

Eventually the gray took over half my beard. Looking at that wintry forest of discontent, I rushed to the drugstore and bought a carton of beard dye. Turns out I needed the entire carton. My beard grows so fast that only a couple of days after painstakingly coloring it, the gray roots were showing again.

That's when I declared war. Down with the gray! I tried every product on the market. Turns out there aren't that many. And most of them have horrendous drawbacks: Harsh chemical odors; impossibly difficult to use; look crappy; cost an arm and a leg; itch; burn; you name it.

I finally found a product that works for me: Blackbeard for Men combined with Beardfarmers Growther. It makes me look young (okay, younger) and complements my low maintenance life style.

Blackbeard for Men is brush-on hair color specially designed for men's facial hair. It's easy to use. It brushes on instantly, dries quickly and looks completely natural. Since each bottle lasts about a month, it's also very economical. BEardfarmers Growther is the real winner as before I was just using BB for men. I put on the Growther in the evening and BB in the morning and my results were amazing.

It gave me the resources to vanquish the gray in my beard. I no longer look like a geezer. (Not that I ever did.)


This to do when buying products is not your game.


1. Exercise can help stimulate your beard! Yes it can be a stress killer that can actually help you grow like a champ

2. Diet another thing that can affect stress plus your nutrient processing.

3. Stimulation by comb! This can help if you brush your beard this can draw blood closer to the surface



So there you have it! Happy Bearding.


How to Effectively Combat Gray Hairs in Your Beard

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