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How to grow a beard

A lot of young men, who have just reached their puberty, want to grow a beard. Mainly because the beard is a powerful masculine symbol, and if you are dying to grow a beard, here are some things you need to keep in mind, as well as some useful tips.
Here are some of the things you need to remember before you decide to start growing that beard:
-You need to start shaving more often.
-You need to have patience with your body's rhythm for growing hair.
-You need to take care of your skin. It is the foundation of your future beard.
-You need to find a beard style which suits you.
After taking these things into consideration here are some tips on how to grow a beard:
-You need to shave regularly.
- The growth rhythm is based on your genetics, so either way, in order to start growing a beard faster, you could try to find ways to increase your testosterone levels. Testosterone influences how fast your beard grows. You could try to exercise more, increase your body's vitamin D levels, or use products like Growther in order to stimulate hair growth.
-Keep your skin healthy and moisturized. If you have skin conditions which may affect the growth of your beard (i.e. acne, dryness), you need to address your doctor.
-You can wait up to 4 weeks between shaves, in order to see how your future beard will grow, time in which, all you need to do is keep your face clean and moisturized.
-Everyone has itchiness problems, so in order to help you soothe the feeling, you can use a moisturizer or natural beard oil.
Knowing how to grow a beard isn't just enough in order to get the finish look you want. You need to know what style to choose, so the beard suits your face shape. Here are some of them:
- Oval face: Men with an oval shaped face, have the advantage of looking good in any beard style, so if you fit in this category, feel free to experiment with whatever style you want.
-Square face: The best style for this type of face shape is a short beard with a clearly defined shape.
- Round face: The best style for this type of face shape is the goatee, so go ahead and experiment with goatee styles.
-Triangle shaped face: What comes to the advantage of this type of face shape is the length of the beard. So let it grow as long as you want.
So after covering the basics of how to grow a beard, you now need to decide when to grow a beard, start growing it, style it, and voilà!
If you find it helpful, seek advice from men who have already faced the challenges of growing a beard. In case you have issues or concerns, feel free to contact your doctor for advice.

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