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How to Grow a Beard At a younger age

*This article on beards is not meant to convey that a 14 year old should buy or products. This is an article we were asked to post on behalf of "beard whippers" We in no way shape or form think a 14 year old needs to have   a beard or can strive for one. Give it time young folks no product even ours will put  a beard on an adolescent.


While some people are worried about how to control and care for their beards at 14 others are scouring the internet to learn how to make their facial hair and beard grow. So, if you are like most high school guys that do not have beard on them even at 14 you are not to worry as you are never alone. There are lots of factors that can result to inability for a guy to grow beard at the age of 14 and they range from genetic problem, deficiency of certain nutrient and vitamin in the body to deformity in their genes. But, this article is going to intimate you more on how to grow a beard at 14. You need to leverage the information in this article in order to grow lascivious and thick beard.

Give Your Hair Sometime To Grow and Trim It When Necessary
To most people there problem is that their beards normally look wispy, thin or patchy. If you are among such people the best thing you need is to give your bear sometime to grow effectively. More so, in order to fill up the gap that make it to look patchy on your beard you have to ensure that your beard down whenever you discover that it is growing longer without being thick and lascivious as you want.

Make Sure You Maintain Proper Nutrition
There is no doubt about that, your body can only give you back what you have deposited in it. That is simply same when it comes to growing beard at 14. One of the tips you need to know on how to grow a beard at 14 is simply to ensure that you maintain proper nutrition in each of your meal. There are some vitamins that are good for hair growth and taking them properly will make it easy for you to grow thick facial hair. Some of the beard growth vitamins include; vitamin A which stimulate production of sebum, Vitamin C which help to keep hair healthy, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, B5 and folic acid.

Add More to Your Biotin Intake
Indeed, biotin is a water soluble vitamin that is essential for formation of glucose, fatty acid, carbohydrate and amino acid. For that reason, you intake of biotin can increase your beard growth. In fact, intake of biotin supplement is among the tips on how to grow a beard at 14. This is because, deficiency of biotin in the system can easily result to hair loss including in ability to grow hair.

Apply Growther Beard Oil to Get Fuller, Thicker and Longer Beard At 14
One of the ways on how to grow a beard which you need to know is to incorporated beard growth oil. There are different type beard growing oil brands in the market that you may find it difficult knowing the right one to select. the Growther Oil or Father Beard Growth is among the perfect and most effective beard oil you need to leverage while searching to effectively grow your beard at 14.

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