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beard growing

How to grow a beard faster

Hair growth is closely related to your genetics. Some men might never be capable to grow a beard because their genetic makeup just doesn't allow it.
For centuries, even millennia, the beard has been a symbol of wisdom, willpower and growth. Your ancestors probably never asked a single question about how to grow a beard faster, and yet they had the patience and skill to grow amazing beards. But do you really have to wait that long for your beard to grow, in order to be able to finally start giving it the shape and style you want?
Here is some basic information about how to grow a beard faster:
- If you don't have a lot of facial hair yet, try to shave more often until the hair thickens.
-Vitamin B6, C, and E
-High protein diet
-Less stress
But growing a beard takes a lot more than just these simple basic things, so let's see what you can try to do in order to speed up the process a bit:
-If the hair grows as quickly on the top of your chin, as over your lip, and if it grows under your neck at the same time as on your sideburns, you can start growing a beard, and to quicken the process is letting it grow without disruption. In other words, after you see the signs, put down your razor.
- Remember that the itchiness doesn't last for more than a week. You can use a moisturizer or beard oil, to soothe your discomfort.
-Keep your face clean and moisturized. Eventually use an exfoliating mask once a week.
-Massage. Apply gentle pressure over the area over which you wish to stimulate hair growth, twice a day for about 10-15 minutes, in small circular motions. This also improves blood circulation.
-Stress causes hair loss. Try to avoid stressful situations and relax more.
- Get plenty of rest.
-Exercise more. This increases the testosterone levels. Testosterone causes your hair to grow faster.
- Improve your diet with plenty of protein and saturated fat. These two are the main keys to faster growing hair. Eat more fruit.
- Increase your B-vitamin intake, as well as vitamins A, C and E.
-Drink a lot of water.
-Be patient. Growing a beard takes a lot of time, and nobody wakes up with a full beard overnight.
If growing a beard faster is unsuccessful with these simple rules, then you can seek medical help. There are products on the market, such as Beard Growther, which give a boost to growing your facial hair. You can even contact your doctor if you really need specialized help.
From dreaming of it, to actually having a beard, takes a lot of time, effort and willpower, but when you are in front of the end result, you will know that everything you did in order to grow a beard, was worth it's ¦even the itchiness.

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