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How to grow a full beard over a short period of time

What it takes to grow a full beard
It takes commitment and self willingness to grow a beard. Growing a full beard can be as easy as eating a pie and at the same time it can be as hard and most people will find it discouraging and some even give up with time. Most people who are not fully committed complain that it takes a long time to grow a full beard and others complain about it taking so much commitment that it almost drives them insane and all the can think of sometimes is shaving. So be committed!

- Eat well
When you are in the process of growing a full beard do not just eat to relieve your stomach of hunger or drink just anything to stop being thirsty. Eat healthy foods and avoid junk foods. You should eat more proteins as they help in growing facial hair faster. Most proteins which are found in eggs and meat plus nuts will help your facial hair have a remarkable growth within a shorter period. Also eat a lot of vegetables and fruits as they supply minerals and vitamins in the body that are also important in growing the beard.

- Take good care of your face
No matter how badly you want to grow a beard, sometimes it is not possible if your face is not well taken care of. Wash your face regularly because clean skin helps hair to grow. Wash your face at least two times a day and use warm water not hot, mostly you should wash your face in the morning and in the evening. Also you should keep your face moisturized using cream moisturizers and remove any dry skin on your face.

- Exercise your body
You can use this as a way of reliving stress and also exercises help in good blood circulation throughout the body and mostly to the face and this helps to grow a beard quickly. Get plenty of rest and avoid stress, most people might think this does not really help or do any good but when the body is more relaxed growing a full beard will be easier and also quicker.

-Resist the urge to trim your beard
After successfully growing a full beard most people will get the urge to shave the beard, well DONâ'T! You should leave the beard alone to grow and after a full 4-6 weeks you can get the chance to finally admire the beard and trim it in your desired way if you want. To most men shaving daily is the norm but you should defy that when you want to grow a full beard because shaving will only get you back to square one where you will have to start growing the beard all over again and this time round it might be easier to get discouraged and quit in the middle. After that now you can enjoy the full grown beard look and admire it all you can.

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