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How to grow a thicker beard with perseverance

How to grow a thicker beard with perseverance
History states that a thick and healthy beard is a sign of power and masculinity for most of the cultures. Most of the powerful leaders and activists are shown with huge bearded look to symbolize strength. Growing a beard is not an easy task and asks for perseverance. It needs patience and should be given time. Even though it is a known fact that growth of a beard is mostly genetics and largely depends on the level of testosterone in the body. There are some steps that can be undertaken to ensure that you grow a thicker beard.

Tips to grow a thicker beard
-Eat well, when you are growing facial hair they need enough body proteins and vitamins to form. Thus, a good intake of saturated fat and vitamins must be made. If you plan to eat on regular schedule and have vitamin B7, B9, B12 in your food, you are on the right track. Take lot of cheese, egg white and chicken to help grow a thicker beard.
-Sleep well, your body needs 8 hours of sleep to perform well. If you are looking for suitable results then make sure that you keep your body relaxed and fresh to perform properly. It is also believed that when you sleep your body is at higher chances of making the testosterone to react with the facial hairs to grow thick.
- If you are on a light eater then you may complement your diet needs with the help of supplements. Biotin for vitamin B7 is easily available and is known to make the beard grow thicker and healthier. Similarly other multivitamins and flax seeds oils are also available. But before starting their intake, it is advisable that you take guidance from an expert.
-Bear a little, while you are growing thicker hair you may see signs of itching and dryness. Bear with them. It is generally seen that beard gets shaved of when one faces the first sign of itching. It is not a good habit and thus for these remedial steps like soft creams and ointments could be used. If the problems grows severe then one must consult and expert and take proper advice. There are medications available for such situation but in extreme cases, mostly it is no problem.
Don'ts for facial hair
- Don't fall for the myths, it if popular belief that shaving often leads to thicker growth. It is not true. In fact it is a wasted effort and will lead to skin rashes and irritation. Do not shave unnecessary and unless it is needed. And if you want to grow a thicker beard, then you must keep away from the razor for a while.
-Don't use Minoxidil; it is known to be an aid for facial hair growth but it is not advised by FDA and not even approved. It if fact negative effect on blood pressures in swallowed and this should be kept away. In fact any medicinal product unless approved by experts should be kept away.

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