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Beard at 17


It is important to know that women sometimes find a manly beard attractive, and the truth is that even if you are born ugly you can still look good the moment you start to develop awesome beard. This article will be focusing on how to grow beard, maintain it and look more handsome as early as the age of 17. Follow below, and learn several methods you can adopt to enable you grow beard at 17.

Improve Testosterone level
Testosterone is one thing in males that aids puberty and beard growth faster. The substance that improves testosterone is normally given by the permission of medical personnel. If you are young and want to start growing beard, you can visit your physicians to prescribe this for you if they feel it will not affect your health. (Note this is extreme and your body need time. However the purpose is to let you know that going to the gym can free up testosterone) does not support this method.
Maintain a healthy diet habit

It is important to know that eating fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking a lot of water on daily basis can induce beard growth. Therefore, you are encouraged to maintain healthy diets and take care of your body if you really want to grow beard at the age of 17.

Dietary supplements
Studies reveal that taking dietary supplements such as biotin, vitamin B, flaxseed oil, beta-carotone, etc can aid hair growth faster. However, it is important to contact your physician before making use of any of these supplements because there are several supplements available for different purposes and you will require the right one for this purpose.

Increase your protein intake
Medical professionals suggest that having inadequate protein in your body can cause hair loss, because hair can be seen as a result of availability of protein in the body. You are advised to take plenty of eggs, beans, fish, and all the foods that are rich in protein – these foods can make your beard grow faster.
Avoid alcohol and cigarette
At your young age, you can do yourself a favor and avoid taking alcohol or any caffeine chemicals and cigarette, because these substances can weaken your body, which in turn will slow hair growth.

Develop a good sleeping habit
Several studies reveal that, hair can grow faster and properly when your body has adequate rest. Therefore, it is important to sleep for at least 10 hours in every 24 hours so that your body will be relaxed and your beard can start to develop.

To some, it is natural to develop beard at early puberty stage, while others will have to wait till in their 20s. However, there are some categories of people who doesn't grow beard at all because beard can be directly related to genetics. If you are around 16 and 17 and you want to start growing a beard, be patience and be persistence in making use of the above methods and I'm sure your dreams shall come to pass.

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