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How to grow the stylish moustache

How to grow the stylish moustache you've always wanted?
How many of you all have experimented with that little piece of moustache on your face? Not many of us, right? But now is the time to follow all what you ever wanted to do with your moustache and let people notice it. If you are planning to get noticed and make a style statement, here is what you need- a defining look to the face, a prominent added feature that will sure not go unnoticed and something that will sure fetch you compliments if you are doing it in the right manner.
How to do the right moustache experiment and not look silly?
Most of us worry about how that piece of hair is going to look on our face and how people will take it. Will it look shabby or will you be looking like a hipster? It is time to realize that the moustache is back and with all the celebrities doing experiments with their looks and creating buzz all over, it is already time for you to start your own experiment.
- Know what you want:
The main thing is your liking. Why are you choosing to grow a moustache? You must have a look at what you are aiming at in your mind. If you are clear, then you can simply go ahead with it. Take experts help who can work with you to help you create and maintain the look aimed at. You may even be your own stylish if you are confident enough with DIY style.
- You facial hair growth:
If you have a healthy hair growth then there is no problem. You may style your moustache the way you want. But if you have a slow growth then it may take sometime time for the results to show. It is advisable to be patient with the styling. It is a matter of a few days to a week and that much time you should allow for a change to come in place.
-Your looks:
You may be motivated by a certain look, but sometimes it is not meant for your face type. If you have a lean face say for example and then you cover it up with a huge moustache, it will hide your prominent facial features. Yes, but a trimmed fine line won’t do much harm. SO act accordingly. Do not blindly get carried away with the fashion. Take a moment to judge whether what is being talked about is for you at all or not.
Tips to keep in mind
Do a little experiment with your moustache before going for a final look. This may give you a better chance of judging what looks good on you. Don't shave it off in a jiffy; leave it for a while for you to actually realize how you feel about it. Allow people to comment on your looks; you will be surer. A day or two of a little fun bashing from your friends won't do much harm if it's able to take you to the longer objective.

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