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beard growing

How to make a beard grow

The beard growth is gaining popularity day by day as more and more people are trying to keep different styles. Keeping a beard or clean shaved is entirely the decision of an individual. If we look at the history we come to know that many leading personalities kept beard which reflected their personalities in a great way. Famous people like Abraham Lincoln and Santa Claus kept beard which they were able to carry in a perfect manner eventually enhancing their personality.
Some of the things to be taken into account while growing a beard.

Make a commitment to yourself
If you want to know how to make a beard grow you need to make a commitment to yourself. This experience can be great as one gets a chance to discover the patience and sacrifice which is required in the entire process. You should be mentally prepared to grow a beard. Growing a beard may require a bit of courage as shaving on a regular basis is a norm which is practiced by the majority of men. On the other hand keeping a beard is an exception. If you are able to take this decision then there is no looking back.

A lot depends on your genetics if you are eager to know-how to make beard grow. As a matter of fact if you happen to grow enough hair on your face that allows you to grow a beard just make it a point to grow it out once in your life time or just try experimenting it.

Try to keep your razor and brush at bay for some time.
Try to grow your beard while on vacation as you will be more relaxed keeping it in this situation.
During the initial face of growing your beard just stop shaving completely for about 3-4 weeks. Do not try to give a shape or trim your beard while it is growing. Even if you have some particular style in mind just have patience and let everything grow for the first 3-4 weeks.

Do not let itching bother you.
If you happen to feel the itch of the beard try to keep your skin clean by daily shampooing and conditioning. Itching should be a temporary phase for you which would subside soon as your skin will adapt to the new situation. In addition for more relief you can always apply good baby oil or moisturizing lotion to the affected area.

Set a target
Try to stay committed or give yourself a minimum of 3-4 weeks before deciding to let it go or completely shave-it off. Once you have grown your beard for 3-4 weeks you can decide whether you want to keep the beard or remove it.

You can buy a good trimmer for your beard and learn how to use it.
You can wash your beard with the same shampoo used for washing head. You can even try using soap. In fact you can always choose the option which suits you the best.

These are some of the effective ways which helps a great deal in how to make beard grow.

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