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beard grow

How to make my beard grow

Beard growth

The growing of beard has its importance in the lives of people who are keen in keeping it for various reasons. Since many years beard have been the symbol of authority and aggressiveness and depicts masculinity in a great way. The beard helps one to give a manly and matured look which provides an advantage to move in the society.
How to make my beard grow is a question which bothers everyone especially those who always dream of flaunting one.
Some of the effective ways which can help to make the beard grow:
-Have patience along with good understanding
It is obvious that growing a good beard would take around a month's time. During this entire period avoid shaping your beard. You can use a trimmer to ensure even length of the hair. You should not think of shaving your beard as it takes a month time to grow it. Try to see yourself in the mirror and think of various styles that you can keep. This would encourage you to grow your beard in a positive way.
-Accept the itching but show maturity
You may seem to get the itch and irritation as the beard grows .The itching is due to the fact that all the hair grow in an uneven manner and new hair pokes the skin and causes irritation. One should understand that this itching would subside in a day or two and should be able to resist by being calm. You can brush your beard for smooth and even feeling.
You should avoid scratching the beard as this could cause irritation leading to the infection of the skin. If the irritation is still present always consult a qualified doctor and take proper treatment without any loss of time.
-Wash your beard regularly
You need to wash your beard daily in order to avoid the dirt and dust getting trapped underneath. You may wash it daily or twice a week depending on the condition of your hair. Always use a mild shampoo and conditioner as ordinary shampoos and soaps can cause irritation.
Avoid applying a dryer as this would affect the growth of hair in a negative manner. Try to wipe the beard dry properly with a towel.
-Soften the skin underneath
Try to use good quality beard oil which would make the hair shine and would also keep the underneath skin soft and gentle. This would avoid the formation of any type of rashes which is not good for both the hair and the skin.
-Avoid the hard and fast rule
A beard should not end at your chin which is the most common style. Let the beard grow up to about an inch or two above the adam's apple and then you can do the thinning using a trimmer.
-Shape your face accordingly
You can adjust your beard according to the shape of your face. A square beard can help to showcase the jaw line more prominently.
These are the important steps to be followed if one wants to make the beard grow.

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