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How to make your hair grow faster?

How to make your hair grow faster?

Having a full grown moustache is a sign of muscularity and power. There are so many examples from historic times that shows that a full grown moustache will bring a drastic change to the persona and presence of any great personality. Even today maturity and muscularity is attached to the growth of the moustache, some even compare wisdom with the facial hair growth. Even though there is no scientific proof that a man with moustache is wiser yet there is no denying the fact that the belief still prevails. In the light of all these situation all you young boys are worried about how to make your hair grow faster? The process is simple but calls for a lot of patience and perseverance for growing a moustache to the right size and style.

How does facial hair grow?
Facial hairs start to grow when a boy reaches puberty. The release of testosterone at this time increases their level in the body, after a few years when one turns 20-21 years old, these start to react with the already existing hairs on the face to develop visible moustache. The hair growth is also related to the genes and thus, if there is a history of huge moustache, then there is less for one to worry about as to how to make your hair grow faster as the facial hair are likely to grow on their own. But for those who do not have such supporting history may face issues and should thus make efforts to help speed the process up.

What can one do to speed up the process?
The answer to how to make your hair grow faster, lies in very basic lifestyle changes and hair care. One should not be careless about his facial hairs.
• Eat well and sleep well: most of us worry too much about our facial hairs and forget the main part of eating right to let the body function properly. Most of us have been seen eating limited and getting disturbed sleep due to the fact that they are worried about their hair growth. It is not a great sign. Eat the best food with proteins and saturated fats and get lots of sleep. Please make sure that a regular routine is a must that will let the body function right and develop your healthy moustache.

- Apply natural oil: Apply natural products to your hairs. Gooseberry oil, Mustard oil, Almond oil are all great for a suitable facial hair growth. Apply these products and massage for 10-15 minutes. Leave them for some time and then wash them off when you take a shower.
• Keep the face clean and moisturized: most of the men do not believe in keeping the face moisturized. Apply moisturizer after the face is being cleaned. This will remove dryness and any form of itching.

Remember that you growing a mustache can take time. Thus, do not rush with anything. Be patient and subside the urge to clean off the face when you don't see signs of growth, give it the time it demands.

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