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Beard Oil

How to use Growther Beard Oil for the Best Beard

Growther Uses

At this point we all know that Growther is by far the best product to assist in growing the best beard possible. It's packed with growth ingredients from 100% natural sources. But how do you use it? Can it be used in other ways?

How to use Growther beard Oil:

The label suggest 5-10 drops rubbed on your hands and then massaged into the hair follicles closest to the skin. Leave it on before washing out 25 minutes later. We do not recommend you sleep with it on as you do not want the oil to get in your eyes. We also suggest a skin patch test to make sure the beard oil is right for your skin.


Common Beard Oil Practices for the Best Beard:

We have seen great results from our users who leave Growther on the beard throughout the day. They will put it on in the morning then wash it off before sleeping. If you enjoy it you can use it in your beard as long as you are comfortable.


Beard Oil Smell:

We do not have added ingredients or fillers in our oil. We use straight ingredients that are all tailored towards enhancing your beard. The natural aroma is that of at least 10 different oils blended together. Some people have suggested it smells like cedar and citrus. It can be overwhelming your first use or if you out too much on.


What is the beard oil separated by in the bottle?

The color is the separation of oils. The bottle should be shook until it's a solid off white and yellowish color without seeing visible sulfur flakes. It's normal for a resting bottle to separate so be sure to shake before use every time.






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