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Human race and the beard

Some people are apprehensive about growing beards as it has a lot to do with the men looks. Men's beard has a direct association with the race as well. Male genetics have a role to play in getting beard. Human races like the Asian can have beards, but there is a definite difference between the ages in which they can have beard.

At what age Asians can have beard?
The development of the beard may start just after the puberty age, but it does vary a lot from person to person. Asians normally grow beard between 20- 25 years of age. But the growth process can be made to optimize with the help of natural herbs and the vitamins. With the regular use of vitamins, these hairs can have promoted growth. Major sources of proteins are
o Meat
o Turkey
o Eggs

Beard growth and the hormones
Men hormones have a lot to do with the body hairs, after the age of sixteen men normally start getting hairs on chin and upper lips. The increased level of hormones can help men to grow a beard at a higher rate. Genetically Asians have a good level of the hormone development, but with age the level of hormones starts to decrease at a faster rate. But there are a number of oils that can used to grow hair at a healthy rate. After using the oil you don't need to ask can Asians grow beard?

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