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beard with stress

Is there anything to do with the stress?

A major perception about the facial hairs is that they may not be having proper growth due to different kind of skin diseases. Some people are of the view that hormonal changes inside the body also play its part in growing a beard. But interesting, fact about the facial hair growth is that it can also have a link with a physiological effect.
What type of stress can affect your beard?
There are two kinds of stress that can slow the process of beard growth
o Short term stress
o Long terms stress
Short term stress is a type of stress that you normally take on a rough day at work or at your business. Short term stress affects the sleeping habits and sleeping habits ultimately have a negative impact on the strength of the hairs. Facial hairs need to strong for proper growth and if you want your beard to be long and thick, then you must have to work on the strength of your facial hairs. Once you successfully accomplish hair strength you can make beard grow faster.
Hair friendly rudiments that may help
Enough research has been conducted on facial hair growth and it is found that there are a number of elements that can help facial hair grow faster. There are a number of products that are available in the market, having hair friendly elements in it. There are two basic vitamins that are supposed to be supportive to the hair growth and in particular facial hairs. Take as much Vitamin B and E as you can because these two vitamins are supportive in hair growth generally. Supplements that are full of vitamin B and E can make beard grow faster.
Are you follically challenged?
The phenomenon of facial hair growth depends upon the follicles; these follicles are found within the human skin. One of the common issues with the facial hairs is that they have damaged follicles. There are a number of various reasons that can damage these follicles, if you have a damaged follicle you can’t make beard grow faster. There are treatments available for follically challenged skins; dietary supplements can work as a fertilizer for your skins as there are a number of natural nutrients that can get a quicker rate of growth.
Do you want to have luscious beard?
The most common remedies for slower facial hair growth can be drinking of reasonable amount of water and keeping the higher intake of the iron. You need to drink more water than you normally do because your skin, facial skin needs sustenance like the overall body skin. Once you drink more water, it keeps your skin hydrated and makes a healthy growth of the hairs. Iron is one the minerals that boost up the growth of the facial hairs. Try to eat as much food that has iron in it. Iron will increase the blood circulation inside the body and hence providing a better environment for the body to have facial hairs.

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