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Learn about beard growth

-Why are beards good?
In today's modern society many men decide that they wish to decorate their face with a stylish and good looking facial hair that they can shape and style just the way they want to. This is a great thing, as many tests have shown that most woman prefer a man with a good looking beard over a clean shaven face. This not only increases the chances of getting a date with a lady, but you can also be very proud of your facial hair and you are going to feel good once the compliments start flying in. There are only a few better things than receiving nice compliments about your beard when you least expect it. The fact that most women are attracted to bearded men is just another reason why you should grow one for yourself as well.
-How to grow a beard?
There are people who naturally grow out a beard or at least some facial hair in their teenage years, and on the other hand there are also people who are not as good at this. This is all genetic and there is little to nothing that you can do about it. Of course there are great products that you are able to use if you are not growing as much as you would like. This is why many people ask themselves how to grow a beard if you can't

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