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Neck Beard

Neck Beard

The facial hair that grows below the chin is termed as neck beard. Ideally a neck beard grows when there is minute growth of facial hair surrounding the jaw, moustache and side burns on a man's face. In addition there is a thicker and even growth of facial hair on the neck. This condition of beard is found in young boys who have not reached maturity and who beard is at a growing stage.
Difference between a neck beard and full beard
If you want grow a neck beard you should know fully about the growth of neck. You should be aware of the difference of the neck beard and the full grown beard.
-A full grown beard in man usually consists of whiskers which are evenly grown covering the entire face. This would cover the upper part of the neck, jaws and side of the face. This also consists of the moustache that gels with the remaining portion of the beard in a perfect way.
-A neck beard is different in yet another way. The upper part of the beard in association with the upward jaw line lacks the thickness and uniform growth of hair.
-Usually in this scenario the moustaches will be very thin which results in the look which is not balanced. Some people do not find this look suitable. This results in the uneven outlook of the face which gives a not so pleasing appearance.
What people normally think about growing a neck beard?
The idea of growing a neck beard is not so convincing according to most of the people.
- It means that a man is not capable enough of growing a full beard which eventually relates to the masculinity.
-Usually it is the younger males that keep neck beards as their facial growth has not reached its optimum level of growth. At times this can be the condition in older men too who are not capable of growing full length beards.
Probable reasons of keeping a neck beard
There could be a number of reasons for keeping a neck beard which may include
- The first reason could be because he thinks keeping a neck beard would make him look good and give a manly look. It is often seen that the men would still like to keep hair even if the growth is less.
-The other reason is that the man does not want to shave his beard at all. Usually neck beards are often linked to those who have no sense of styling or who does not care much about their appearance. These people consider shaving a beard as nuisance and prefer to grow neck beard.
To grow a particular type of beard depends from person to person. You can keep a beard according to your tastes as well as your life style. Neck beard is commonly found in people who are care free about their facial appearance and who are not much bothered about shaving on a regular basis.

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