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Should I grow a beard?

Beard growth
Growing a beard or not is an individual decision. Beard growth has become popular as beard is back in fashion. People try to flaunt their bear by trying different styles which could be due to the influence of some great model or sportsman. Should I grow a beard or not is entirely up to you as this would change you entire facial appearance.
The reasons of growing a beard

-Its cheaper to keep a beard

If you shave on a regular basis your bills will be higher. Razors are very expensive and are kept behind the glass cases. Along with a razor you have to buy a shaving cream and an after shave lotion which also expensive items.

-Keeping a beard lets you relax
Growing a beard would definitely allow you to sleep a bit more as you are no more shaving. So let that beard grow as you do not have to wake up early.

-Gives you a wiser and matured look
If you think of the wisest and matured guys they all have beards. If you see the pictures of God you will see beards. People with beards have age. With the passage of time or as you grow comes wisdom and with wisdom you become worldly wise. If you have a question about life you would prefer to ask from a man with a beard than a clean shaven guy.

So why not grow a beard.
- Women like beards
The liking for men with beard is growing day by day amongst women. These women find the beards sexy which can be proved by visiting any dating website.
-Beard can look good on you
The beard can look good on you and can provide you an aggressive and bold look. You will feel matured than before which is good for you to move in the society The beard can even make you look healthy.
-Beards are warm
You only realize the warmth of your bird when you shave it off on a cold morning. You experience the cold breeze on your face and suddenly you realize of making a big mistake.
• Its safer to keep a beard
You can end up having so many cuts on your face while shaving. This may be due to the wrong way of shaving or any other reason for that matter. It does not make a difference. If you decide to keep a beard there is no risk of getting cuts with the razor. If you think about shaving it is just putting a sharp object to your face. The shaving cream and after shave lotion may cause irritation on the skin.
-Keeping a beard is manly
Should I grow a beard or not – depends on giving a particular look to your face. We all know the men keep beards and women do not keep beards. So keeping a beard is the manliest thing which you can do.
These are the main reasons to grow a beard.

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