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growing a beard

Simple ways for growing a beard faster

Many of us think that those candid jokes made on light bearded guys is taken all in fun, but in reality that does create a lot of issues and stress on the people who are facing problems growing their beard. The looks for men change faster than seasons. The fashion changes makes the men with healthy beard grasp the new look quickly, but those who have slow growth or less beard are mostly seen struggling with making a style and fashion statement with their looks. Thus, growing a beard faster is always looked for by men to enhance their styles.

Ways to grow the beard faster
The steps are simple and if one gets into the right habit then growing a beard faster does not seem to be much of an issue. The main steps are dividing into three heads:

1) Self-care: There are a lot of personal habits that can lead to issues with hair growth, one may make changes here and ensure a healthy growth.

-Exfoliate the skin: The skin where the beard grows needs exfoliation, make sure that a scrub is used prior to a suitable exfoliation mask for men. Removing the dead skin will lead to quick hair growth.

-Keep skin clean: It is impertinent that the skin is kept clean. Use a cleaner and Luke warm water for washing the face each day.

-Eucalyptus: Use creams that have eucalyptus in them; it stimulates hair growth and also keep the skin cool.

2) Supplements and multi-vitamins: sometimes there is a need for intake of healthy supplements to enhance the beard growth. Vitamin B: Vitamin B1, B6 and B12 are known to help hair grow thus, these should be taken as a daily intake. There are various multi vitamin tablets available that can help the pace of hair growth.

3) Hair Oil: Hair oils are available to suit face tones that should be used for growing a beard faster. Make sure that only natural hair oils are used here; choose the one according to your skin tone. The oil message is known to be highly helpful, and should be developed as a daily practice. There are experts who can provide guidance on the oiling process and oil type.

Things to keep in mind
If you are looking for a beard growth then leave it alone when it is growing. Do not try and trim it and shape it often. Also, remember it is a myth that regular shaving leads to faster growth; allow the beard to grow on easy face. Face hair may sometimes grow stiff that may lead to itching and dryness. Keep the skin moisturized here. If the itching increases, it is advisable to take expert help. There are consultants who can suggest suitable solutions in such cases. The regular changes to lifestyles and habits may result in a huge change in the beard growth. However, please give sometime for the beard growth, do not get hyper; it takes time for the results to show.

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