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Take control of your beard growth

Take control of your beard growth
Male muscularity and maturity is mostly judged by the beard growth. Sometime wisdom is also related to the beard and the white hairs in them. It is not totally wrong as beard does signifies puberty hit and grows a boy in a man. But that however should not be the only criteria as men with clean looks are as wise. Still most men want to know the secrets to how to make a beard grow.

But, as much as we would like to ignore beard growth does affect all the men. If one sees scarce growth then they worry about it way too much and it is natural. But, what we forget here is that there are a lot of things that can be done tackle the question of how to make a beard grow and thus losing hope is baseless.

What is the reason why beard does not grow?
The main reason why some guys face problems is because of the testosterone level in the human body. When a boy hits puberty then the bodies releases testosterone and with time these testosterones react with facial hairs to grow a beard. When the release of testosterone is less then it creates problems with hair growth. There is however, another aspect to the whole situation, genetics plays a vital role, there are many a times seen that the testosterone level in the human body is regulated yet issues with hair growth are seen. This is generally because of the fact that genetics are blocking the regular process.

How to make a beard grow?
The first and the most important aspect that one should always remember is that beard grows at a normal pace and it is not a one day result event. Thus, getting stressed out just too early will not help. Here are some tips you should know about how to make a beard grow.
- Eat well, your hair needs proteins and vitamins and your body will ask for higher intake when you are growing a beard. Go for healthy eating habits and include saturated food and vitamins in your diet. There are supplements and vitamins tablets available in the market. But if you can take healthy food as much as possible.
-Your body needs ample amount of sleep to perform well. Do not compromise on sleep when you are growing a beard. Sleeping even allows the testosterone to react with the facial hairs when you are resting. Thus if you need a healthy beard sleep well.
- Vitamin B will lead to a speedy growth, Vitamin B5, B3 and B9 should be taken in right quantity. Vitamin B7 popularly known as biotin should be taken; it is also available in the form of tablets that are easily available.
- Apply natural oil to the face, gooseberry oil, eucalyptus oil and mustard oil should be applied. Massage using these oils in form of circular motion and massage for 15-20 minutes before going to sleep and let the oil stay and wash it the next day.
If there are any issues or queries related to the facial hair one must take help from experts, they have information and may even help you design a routine that is needed for your beard type.

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