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The Mustache Factor

 What a mustache does to a man

A mustache is more than just overgrown facial hair that a man forgot to shave. Mustaches can project machismo. Did you know that in India, police officers get extra in their salary if they have a mo? It's because mustache can be a symbol of power and virility in some cultures. The rate of growth of mustaches depend on their genes, as well as on the season. Mo hair can grow faster during hot months compared to cold months.

Men with mustaches take their most seriously and there even is an American Mustache Institute. This organization looks up to Martin Luther King, Jr. as one of the most influential mustache Americans in history.

Mustache Growing
A mustache can exude an aura of confidence, manliness, and self-esteem. Because of this, many celebrities opt to grow their facial hair to enhance and project their alpha male qualities. However, Mustache Growing is not exactly simple and easy.

Mustache Growing needs dedication, patience and proper grooming. A man must be patient enough to wait for his facial hair to grow out and have the dedication to keep it grown until desired length is achieved. The first few days or growing out a mustache can be uncomfortable, but it's part of Mustache Growing and everything you need to endure to enjoy the feeling of sporting a mo.

Mustache used for cancer awareness
Aside from its aesthetic value, mustaches are also used for prostate and testicular cancer awareness. Every November, males all over the world including celebrities grow out their mustaches to raise funds and awareness for the cause. Because of this, the month is dubbed as November.

Mustache competition
There is actually an annual contest for facial hair, called World Beard and Mustache Championships. The international contest has several categories including one for mustaches. There are subcategories under this: Natural, English, Dali, Imperial, Hungarian and Freestyle.

Celebrity Mustache
Here are some celebrities who rock mustaches worthy of awards:
-Brad Pitt – though Brad's attempt at a sexy beard was definitely a fail, this Hollywood A-lister knows how to rock a mustache.
-Orlando Bloom - Bloom can definitely pull off a neat mustache that makes him look regal and manly.
-James Franco - Franco's well-trimmed mustache enhances his face shape and makes him look more serious, in a good way.
-Johnny Depp -  Depp's mustache adds up to his simple quirkiness and carefree vibe. This guy could pull off a beard quite well too!
-Zac Efronv-  Efron's mustache makes him more mature, veering him away from his high school heart throb image.

Mustache pointers
Maintaining a mustache requires patience and commitment. Here are some pointers for those who are determined to keep a mustache:
- Trim your mustache to maintain its shape and appearance.
- Use beard shampoo and conditioner to keep facial hair soft.
-Don't color your beard lighter than your own hair color. It just doesn't look right.
- Don't grow a beard if it doesn't connect with your mustache.

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