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The Top Five Benefits of Argan Oil for Your Beard and Skin

The Top Five Benefits of Argan Oil for Your Beard and Skin

Over the last few years, you’ve probably heard a lot of hype over beard oils, and how they are practically a must for any self-respecting bearded man. For centuries, men have gone without any fancy beard products, so why should you start now?

Although beard oil might seem like a bunch of hype with no real benefits or results, one of the primary ingredients in Beard Farmer Organic Beard Oil, Argan oil, is actually packed with benefits you can’t find anywhere else in nature. Let’s take a look at the top five:

It Repairs Your Beard

You've probably heard your girlfriend complain about split ends, but did you know that your beard could also fall victim to them too? Split ends aren't only limited to long hair (although the longer your beard, the more prone you are to them), and can affect even the shortest of beards.

Argan oil contains powerful antioxidants and vitamins (most notably Vitamin E) that will naturally repair your beard and help to prevent these split ends. This leads to healthier hair and will also look much thicker and fuller.

Prevents Itch

Plagued by an itchy beard? Argan oil might be what you need. The oil adds moisture to your beard, which will, in turn, seep into your skin hiding underneath. This will help prevent itch, and you can say goodbye to flaky, dry skin!

Softens Your Beard

Just like you might buy special shampoo and conditioner full of nutrients for your hair, you should do the same for your beard. Your beard is exposed to all sorts of environmental stresses every day, which can make it coarse and damage it.

Argan oil naturally contains vitamins and antioxidants that will condition your beard, making it softer and less coarse while also coating the hair follicles to protect them from further damage. Your beard will look and feel better, and your girlfriend will thank you for it.

Promotes Growth

Who couldn’t use a thicker beard? If you’re like a majority of men, you probably wish that your beard looked less patchy and thin. If that’s the case, beard oil with Argan might be the solution you need! Thanks to the natural vitamins inside of Argan oil, when the oil attaches to the hair follicles, it will help them appear fuller, and in many cases, can even promote new growth.

Get Rid of Beard-ruff

Do you ever wear a black shirt and notice all sorts of specks on the chest? Just like many people suffer from dandruff, your beard also produces the same dreaded white flecks and bits of dry skin. With beard oil, you can get rid of this for good. This is because of the natural moisturizing properties that will keep your beard soft and moisturized, and your skin will also receive these same benefits, helping to prevent this dreaded flaking.

Try the Benefits for Yourself

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