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Types Of Beards

Types Of Beards And Tips On How To Grow And Groom Them

Beards are one of the physical sign of masculinity. Normally, it grows on men, and the testosterone in men are the hormone responsible for facial hair growth. Just like women can dress their hair into any fashion they desire, men too can do the same to their beards. Facial hair can therefore be groomed to different styles. Different types of beards and how you can groom them (i.e. if you have the tendency to grow facial hair), are listed and explained in this article.
Short boxed beard

The boxed beard is a funky stylish beard. It a facial hair that is all-round strong, and functions properly for men that spot full beards. It is carefully outlined and need efforts to maintain. You can use close crop to outline the rim. When done properly, it will display the jaw. For men who don't have an outstanding chin, this hairstyle works well for them. Aside from enhancing the features of your chin, it also makes your facial structures look imposing and strong. Strong boxed facial style is perfect for men with round, heat, oval and angular shaped faces.

Classic English beard
The classic or old English beard integrates 1 to 3 different type of beards. The result of the different beard style incorporation is a mannish-rugged appearance. The beard is thick and goes all the way right down to the chin line. If you have a thin face and are bothered about it, you would want to consider growing the old English beard. And that is because it offers complete facial coverage that ends before the cheek bones. Like every other beard style, this one comes with its own personality, perfect for branding as it gives you a very unique look.

Complete facial beard
The complete facial or full beard is among the common type of beard. It is common because it is easy to maintain. Any man (suppose they can grow facial hair), can wear this beard. It covers the upper lips, chin, cheeks, and extends all the way to the neck. If you are concerned about your facial structure, don't be, because, it's well adaptable to any facial structure.

The chin curtain
This facial hair grows along the jaw line and sometimes past the chin. It is lengthy enough to hang apparently underneath the chops, just like a blind hangs from a rod.
The chin-leash beard

This type of beard is also called chinstrap. It is sideburns from both cheeks connecting by a narrow line alongside the jaw. Most times, it comes with a number of goatee similar to a helmet attach to one's chin.

Grooming and growing facial hair
If you have ever wanted to define your personality, one of the ways to achieve it is by growing facial hair. If you are bound by nature to be facially-hairless, you can change that by using different methods. One of them is to use facial grow supplements. Grooming and maintenance of hair is dependent on the type of beards you wish to grow. The more stylish a facial hair is the more challenging and demanding the grooming and maintenance requirements. You will need a set of trimmers, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners and oil for the grooming. Styling can be done by a facial hair stylist or a barber.
Just like women have different types of hairstyles, men have types of beard. Facial hair can describe your personality. You can care for hair by trimming and grooming your beards.

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