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beard shampoo

Using the right Shampoo for washing your beard

Beard Shampoo

When it comes to washing your beard you should consider a few tings before picking up that bottle of shampoo that's been sitting in your shower for months. Beard shampoo and shampoo are not alike. There are some major differences that would make one wonder why we even use regular shampoo on our heads. You may think cleaning your beard is a good thing but in reality if you are using basic shampoo you will find quickly that the quality of your hair will diminish. It's the same premise of why women do not wash their hair every day. The natural oils in the hair are beneficial and the chemicals in shampoo can strip these away.

Beardfarmer's Beard Wash and Shampoo Beardfarmer's Beard Wash and Shampoo


What makes our beard wash the best?

Our beard wash help KEEP the oils in your beard with the added power of of our own cold pressed jojoba oil, Aloe vera, Argan oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Lemon Oil. So not only does our beard wash prevent loss of your current oils we have added in some of the best oils for keeping your hair strong. This combination of perfectly measured ingredients creates a synergy that stabilizes your current beard and protects from harsh elements.

Another benefit is our beard shampoo is not going to leave a soapy residue on your beard after cleansing. When you wash with normal cleansers you will find stripping becomes a frequent problem. Once again not with our beard wash, it's specifically meant to increase the hair follicle by embedding conditioning oils into the hair that will remain after washing giving you a clean refreshing beard. What could be better then all these benefits? The size and smell. It's 8oz which can easily last you 4-6 months. The smell alone will have you coming back for more! It has the freshest scent that will get you going. After one single wash your beard will be smelling great and feeling perfectly soft and manageable.


Our Beard Wash vs Competitors Beard Shampoo

Compare Our Beard Cleanser to the Competitors Compare Our Beard Cleanser to the Competitors

The obvious choice is to save your beard with our beard wash. Prices per volume, scent control, stripping prevention and no soapy residue is EXACTLY what every beard grower should be looking for when cleaning their beard.

We make our products to order so you will never get a 2nd rate product that has been aging on a shelf. Each lab tech makes your bottle by hand and tags it with batch number. We maintain a testing of every single batch prepared for weight, scent, ingredients and color creating and guaranteeing a the perfect wash every time.

We know that not everyone puts that much thought into cleaning your beard but at the same price why not make it better? We guarantee this will be the best shampoo you have ever washed with that if you are not thrilled with the use of this product you can send it right back to us and we will give you a no questions asked product refund. So users know to date we have never had one complaint or return of our beard wash. Rest assure your beard is in great hands. View our beard Store

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