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You're 16 and worried about your beard

You're 16 and worried about your beard- well here is your solution
Facial hairs grow naturally and someone who has reached the age of puberty will definitely be thinking about his beard growth. Now most of us worry about healthy beard growth at an early age and which is fine. But, before we start to worry and even to freak out there are a few things that one should know when you are asking how to grow a beard at 16.

How beard grows and what affects the growth?
The growth of a beard is related to the testosterone level in male body. These testosterone are developed in a male body when it hits puberty. The body then takes time and makes the testosterone to react with the current facial hairs to grow a healthy beard. Now most of us worry about the development of testosterone, if there are issues with the hair growth then it is advised that the development level is checked at once. There are supplements that can be taken to increase the testosterone level in the body. Which can increase the beard growth within no time

There is another aspect to hair growth and this is genetics. There could be sufficient testosterone level in the body but still sometime the hairs do not grow as far. This is due to the body]' inability to react to the level of testosterone. This is generally a genetic issues and in such cases external help should be taken rather than deciding for yourself how to grow a beard at 16.
Simple tips that may help
You are still young and everything is in your hand. There are also some simple lifestyle changes or habits that can be inculcated so as to see a good beard growth.
Eat healthy, most of us worry about something and start compromising on health. The food that you eat will have a direct affect on your facial hairs. Thus, increase the intake of vitamins and saturated food. Regulated vitamin A, C and E are needed and an increased intake of vitamin B should be consumed. There are multivitamins tablets available too, but is always advised to go for natural food.
Do not compromise on exercise and sleep. Maintain a healthy exercise routine which will keep the body regulated and will perform well. If you want to know how to grow a beard at 16, do not stress yourself and compromise on your sleep it will in long run will lead to inability to grow a beard in right speed.
Keep away from the myth that regular shaving will lead to quick growth. The body will process as its natural space do not disturb that, take steps to complement the process.
Always remember that you are still young and may be your body is taking time so let it be. Apply natural oil (Eucalyptus, gooseberry or mustard) and massage in circular motion. Always keep the skin clean and moisturized so that it is healthy to allow a good healthy growth.
If you are still tensed see an expert who may be able to help you with specific doubts. Never jump to conclusion on your own consultation is easily available to everyone.

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