Patch Test Skin

How to Patch Test Skin

With many cosmetic products, whether commercial or homemade, it is recommended that you do a patch test on your skin prior to use. This is to ensure that you do not have an allergic reaction to the product and if you do, it will only be confined to a small area of skin and thus treatable with ease. This article describes how.


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    Pour or squeeze out a little of the cosmetic preparation, essential oil etc., onto a saucer dish.

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  3. Dab a small amount of the preparation on the pulse of your wrist or the crook of your elbow.
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    Leave the preparation unwashed for a period of 24- 48 hours.

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    Watch for signs of an allergic reaction. Typical signs will include redness, a rash, any form of breakouts on the skin, itchiness, pain, flaking etc. Some people may also experience nausea or respiratory reactions. If any of these signs present themselves, cease use immediately. See your health professional to discuss the reaction.

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    Continue to Safely use the product if you do not have a reaction. If you do not have any allergic reaction symptoms, it is likely that the preparation is all right for your skin type. Keep vigilant, however, because sometimes it can be the level of application that can impact you adversely and in this case, it is important to cease immediate usage if any signs of an allergic reaction occur.