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beard growth

Beard Growth

It is a well known fact that growing a beard distinguishes men from boys. It is a craze among people to grow a beard at least once in their lives. The genetics play a major role in the growth of beard. Whatever is the quantity of hair you have on your beard is just due to your genetics. Moving further the thick or the less growth of hair which could be on the beard or the head primarily depends on the genetics.

How to grow a beard?
-Have patience and keep your cool
The majority of boys would take around a month to grow a beard full in size. You should not try to give it a shape in the initial days and should let it grow freely. Do not try to compare your beard growth with others as the growth varies from person to person. You should not react to other people's comment on your beard.

-Try to bear the itch
The new beard which has just grown may feel like thorns but one should be cool as this sensation goes after a week or so. You should not try to shave it off but try to be tough and patient. Moreover if you have a healthy growth you can brush which would help the beard to grow in the right direction.
A fully grown beard always looks more dynamic and impressive compared to the beard which have patches and less hair.

-Keep proper hygiene
You should always keep your beard clean by shampooing and conditioning it with a good shampoo. If the beard is clean it would help the hair to grow well. Some people even apply soap to wash their beard. You can always opt for the best option which suits you.

In addition you should take extra care and see that there is no dandruff and harshness in the skin which can lead to hardness and loss of hair.

- Keep it soft
Try to keep the hair on your beard as soft as possible as they would not break every now and then and would also moisturize the skin underneath.
The soft hair is always easy to manage and could be combed easily. You can apply oil depending on the requirement.

-No hard and fast rule to grow a beard
Your beard should not typically end at your chin but should grow about an inch or more above the Adam’s apple. Once this has fully grown you can always use a good trimmer for thinning. Now you can give proper shape and design the beard according to your choice.

-Shape you face accordingly
Try to adjust the beard according to the shape of the face. In the case of a round face a square beard would define the jaw line in a much prominent manner. Similarly the adjustment and options would vary for oval and long face.
Thus we see that to grow a beard one needs to take care of certain things in the right manner.

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