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How to make my beard grow faster

Beard growth
Growing a beard has always been fascinated by men of all ages. Some men like trimmed beards while there are others who prefer the long wild-type beards. People who like heavy beards always prefer to grow them faster as this adds to their manly and aggressive look.
How to make my beard grow faster? This is the question for which every beard lover would like o know the answer.
Here are some of the steps to follow in order to make the beard grow faster:
- Try to stimulate and clean the hair follicles
When the hair follicles are filled with dirt and oil you hair cannot grow from the follicles. If you wish have a good facial growth try to scrub your face twice a day or any time when it is dirty or oily.
In addition you can massage your face for about 20 minutes twice a day. This would help to stimulate the hair follicles on the face.
- Increase the intake of vitamins
You need to take a well balanced diet which is essential for proper hair growth.
Try to take vitamin B7 which is useful for hair growth. This is found in nuts and egg yolks. The results would only be seen when these are taken on a regular basis.
For better bodily functions and circulation try to take Vitamin B5, B3 and B9.These are found in chicken, fish, beef, avocado and milk. For hair to be thick you can eat cereals, nuts and leafy green vegetables.
For healthy follicle and sebum eat Vitamin A which is found in broccoli, carrot and leafy green vegetables.
In order to improve your immune systems add Vitamin C in your diet which is found in green peppers tomatoes and citrus fruits.
To improve the blood flow and hair growth increase the consumption of Vitamin E, this is found in nuts, beans and leafy veggies.
-Maintain healthy lifestyle
Take proper rest and relax. When you sleep your body grows. When you sleep the body uses this time to repair the injuries besides helping the hair to grow. Try to get enough sleep without any interruption. To be effective you should sleep between 6to8 hours a day.
Try to manage and control stress as it is one of the main factors responsible for hair loss. This should be taken care with utmost priority as this affects the immune system In order to overcome stress you can do different sorts of exercises and engage yourself in Yoga.
Avoid smoking as this would lower your immunity which would reduce the growth of hair.
These are the various effective methods which help in growing the beard faster. However still if you do not see any improvement you can always get medical help. One of the medical treatments is the testosterone therapy which would test the level of testosterone in the body which should not increase. If the level increases it is not good for hair growth.

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