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Sideburns and Facial Hair

Male Grooming: Sideburns and Facial Hair

Facial hair allows men to personalize their appearance quickly and easily. Sadly, there are many men walking around with ungroomed facial hair, which only makes them look scraggly, unkempt, and unstylish. In order to manage facial hair, from sideburns to beards to goatees, there are a few rules that must be followed.

The first rule is to have a plan. This means picking out a style. Different styles of facial hair can say many different things about a man's personality; for instance, a bushy beard projects a much different image than a pencil-thin mustache. Before anything else, a man must decide what kind of image he would like to project through his facial hair.

After a style has been selected, the next step is to invest in the right supplies. This means a good razor, shaving cream or gel, and a mustache/beard trimmer. Except for a mountain-man beard, most varieties of facial hair must be trimmed regularly. This can be done with an adjustable battery-operated trimmer. Choose a beard trimmer that can be adjusted to trim varying lengths of hair. Once you have grown your facial hair to the desired length, maintain the style by trimming it every few weeks.

Some varieties of facial hair require precise lines and edges. This is where the razor comes in. When it comes to edging a goatee or beard, it is better to use a single or double bade razor, since you can maneuver around facial contours better. Razors with three or four blades are usually too large to get into hard-to-reach places.

Sideburns present a unique challenge. Symmetry and evenness are a must; uneven sideburns can ruin a man's entire look. When shaping sideburns, it is important to look straight into the mirror, rather than turning the head. It is impossible to guage evenness in the mirror if your head is turned.

Finally, the last rule is to treat facial hair as you would the hair on your own scalp. Most men simply wash their faces with soap and water. Since facial hair tends to be more coarse than other hair, it is important to apply conditioner to facial hair in order to keep it soft. Facial hair can also be groomed with styling products. If you want to keep the hair in your beard, mustache, goatee, or even eyebrows in place, simply smooth them with a wax or a pomade. Not only will this keep your facial hair from looking wild and unruly, but it will also make the facial hair appear healthier and shiner.

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