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The beard of your choice

-The beard
Beard is the collection of hair around the cheeks and chin. A well groomed beard can be a sign of well being as it can be a sign of high self esteem or ego to some people. One thing you need to know is everyone can grow the beard but many people consider it as a sign of unprofessionalism in certain careers or professions but that is not the case because a beard cannot hinder you from working no matter how long and how groomed the beard really is. Growing a beard sometimes requires a lot of commitment and one must have what it takes and be willing to grow it.
-Why should one grow a beard?
One can grow a beard for very many reasons, one of the most reasons men grow a beard for is to look more attractive to potential partners. A well groomed beard can also make one look very masculine and even in the event of a competition one who has a beard is considered to have a competitive edge in some places. Also some men grow beards to raise money for cancer and this is one way that a beard can help you reach out to the society.
- Growing the beard
Now let us talk about how you can grow a beard. Growing the beard of your choice will require commitment that is one thing you should be willing to do. Leave the beard alone after you take on growing it. Do not shave for at least three weeks or four, this will help the beard grow long enough o get to the point of trimming it so do not start shaving because it might be too soon. To many people shaving a beard is normal while growing the beard is an exception but when you want to grow the beard, the vice versa mostly applies.
-Do not be too anxious about the beard
Be patient and leave the beard alone to grow. Do not start trimming too early just because you are anxious to see how it will come out as. Instead be patient and let it grow to a length that will be easier to trim and if you just happen to over trim it do not give up at least not yet give it another chance and another if need be.
-Take care of your beard and maintain it properly
After growing the beard that is not the end of it all, you should maintain it well by trimming it to the length you want and cleaning it regularly. Use a beard trimmer to trim your beard and also wash it using shampoo mostly the one you use to wash you head with is recommended. Dry your beard well with a towel after cleaning it and if possible you can even blow dry it. Though it is not a must you blow dry it you can do it at least once in a month or so but you can also do it daily if you like.

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