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To beard or not to beard

Most popular beards in Hollywood

Beards can exude an aura of confidence, manliness, power, and self-esteem. Because of this, many celebrities opt to grow their facial hair to enhance and project their alpha male qualities. A few names spring to mind when talking about bearded Hollywood stars:


  • Russell Brand – Brand's beard is well-trimmed and groomed. It also shapes the naturally curly locks of this British comedian.
  • Jared Leto – Leto's beard emphasizes his long hair and adds to his indie vibe.
  • Jon Hamm – Hamm's beard projects an I'm-in-charge air.
  • Johnny Depp – Depp's beard is far neater and dapper than the one sported by Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Adam Levine – Maroon 5's vocalist never fails to draw women. One of the things that add to his manliness is his neatly-trimmed beard fitting of a rock star.


Celebrities who tried to beard but just can't

Brad Pitt is a classic example of how not to groom your beard. Brad's beard was adorned with twists (or knots whatever they were) and he just looked like a bohemian who's about to start a drum circle anytime. Yeah, even the most handsome man can look less attractive with the wrong beard.


James Harden's beard is far from ideal. It looks messy, unkempt, and dirty. Harden surely makes a lot of dough in NBA, but his beard makes him look like a homeless man who doesn't have enough bucks to buy a razor or a pair of scissors.

Ludacriss' “half-side burn half-beard” in 2006 is just plain weird. Laser sharp sideburns than extend near the jaw line. For one, it's too short to be a full beard and too long to be considered sideburns. And there's only one word for the shape of that facial hair: why?


Classic Celebrity Beard Styles 1: George Clooney

George Clooney's beard is the perfect example of how a beard can make a man look dashing and powerful without trying too hard. Clooney's salt and pepper scruff is well groomed and looks natural and comfortable. The Hollywood A-lister should write a book on how to rock a beard without overdoing it.


Classic Celebrity Beard Styles 2: Joe Mangianello

Perfect for his role as an alpha male werewolf in True Blood, Joe Mangianello's beard is a picture of rugged sexiness. Perfectly groomed with a few patches of natural gray here and there. His full beard pairs well with his long hair and accentuates his toned body. No wonder Sookie Stack house is all over him in the vampire series!


Classic Celebrity Beard Styles 3: David Beckham

David Beckham's scruff is versatile – it makes him look manly and rugged when he's wearing jerseys in the soccer field, but makes him look regal and powerful when he's sporting a designer suit. Of course, having his wife Victoria Beckham cheering him on the bleachers and being his arm candy in the red carpet also adds up to his manliness.

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